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Just a few links and explanations (that I will try to update along the way.)

What is an NFT?

Its a certificate linked to a digital asset, written on a blockchain, that testify your ownerhip on this digital asset (picture, video, code, 3D object, …)

here is a good introduction:  Euronews explanation.

and for a longer indepth analyse:washington post “Will NFTs transform the art world? Are they even art?”

NFT vocabulary

Mint: writting an NFT on a Blockchain, creating it.

Drop: when an artist mint a new NFT and makes it available for purchase by “dropping” it on a platform.

Gaz fee: fee to process a transaction (minting & transfering an NFT for exemple) very high on ethereum, can be next to nothing on other blockchains.

Collectibles: Bord Appes and Crypto Punk are the most known collectible. They work a bit like Pokemon cards, with level or rarity. They are collection that comes in big number, usualy 10.000, that are use as profil pictures by theire owners. They are what I try to avoid on NFT, so I tend to go to marketplaces with more art and less collectibles.

PFP: Picture For Proof or Profile Picture.

What are the steps to buy an NFT?

  1. Buy cryptocurrency on a reliable platform (Bitvavo & Binance has much less fees then Coinbase).
  2. Open a wallet that accept this crypto and is accepted by the NFT platform you want to buy from (Temple wallet or Kukai for Tezos).
  3. create an account with this wallet, store safely your account number & your “seed phrase”.  The seed phrase is the code giving access to your account from anywhere, so its the most important think to keep hiden and safe.
  4. transfer your crypto from the platform to your account into your wallet
  5. synchronize your wallet with the NFT platform you want to buy NFT from.
  6.  Here is the easy part: now you can Buy your NFT on one clic!

Buying crypto is by fare the most difficult part of all this. So if you know somebody with crypto, or how can buy crypto for you and transfer them to your wallet, you can start on point 5. and are good to go in 5 minutes!

There are many places to buy crypto and many wallets of different kinds. I went for the most populate ones: I use Binance to buy crypto,  Metamask wallet for Ethereum & Matic and Temple wallet for Tezos (most of my collections are on the platforme, on the Tezos blockchain) – those 2 wallets are extensions of your browser and synch easily with the NFT platforms.

Here is a good step by step guide to buy Tezos, open a wallet and start buying on platformes like, teia, versum.

Here is a step by step guide to create a Metamask Wallet (Ethereum & Polygone-Matic)

Where to buy  NFT ?

There are quite a few platforms and you should navigate by your taste, but Tezos and Ethereum are the main blockchains to go and here are the names of the biggest I checked, and that are worth checking-out :

On Tezos chain (CleanNFT – most efficient blockchain preferred by artist, good for 1st market):

On Ethereum blockchain (Biggest NFT blockchain):

  • Opensea has most of the second market, The Fondation, Superare, Nifty Gateway, Rarible…

be aware that Ethereum in still expensive in transaction/gas fees today.

This is why I choose Objkt on Tezos for my first NFT Collection, a milion time more eco-friendly.

How / where to show my NFT ?

When you collect NFT, your collection is visible by anyone on the NFT platforms.

But there are other options

  • Share on social media
  • For your most loved NFTs you can have a dedicated frame : infiniteObject & DragonTouch seems to be the nicest solution today.
  • Here is a nice list of other option to show your NFT,  in the physical life. We got a The Frame, from Samsung
  • build your metaver exhibition room, on mozilla hub , or for exemple.

And if by the end of this post you think that NFT are not for you, you can always buy the picture of Nadia Murad – Nobel prize receiver – and many other ones on the E-Shop of Galerie Charlot!

Nadia Murad : still of video and picture of EXILT III – © Thomas Israel & Johanna de Tessières


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