2008 & 2009 / Performance / Interactive

Direction & vidéo interactive : Thomas Israël
Direction & performance : Jacques Urbanska
Performer : Ine Claes
Music : Margarida Guia
Co-production : FAR asbl, In Progress asbl, Transcultures. Avec le Supported by the Commission Arts numériques de la Communauté française de Belgique.
In residence : Charleroi Danse, Le Brass, Woluculture.

Research into spectators’ perception, digitized bodies and movements.


2006 / Performance / Interactive / Poetry based

Interactive video performance – Théâtre Mercelis (Bruxelles)
Inspired by a poem by: Pierre Rastoul
Live music : Christian Calon
Assistant vidéo interactive : Yves Mora
Production manager : Psyché Pyras
Production In Progress with [ AV ].XL, avec le
supported by iMAL, Transcultures, Conseil des Arts du Canada.

Sensory and graphic journey reaching through the skin of the performance artist into a life full of fantasies and paradoxes.