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We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.“Buckminster Fuller

Port-Aprem UPDATES for La Cambre Conf:

Text to video:

  • Pika: new tools
    • Apply diverse video styles (3D animation, anime, cartoon, cinematic, etc.)
    • Expand the video canvas on the fly
    • Replace objects in the video
    • Add texte
  • Runway: brush to move part of the image
  • – Genmo : new tool

Text to Image:

Text to 3D modeles / Mesh / .Obj

Sketch to Image: krea ai tweeter  waiting list

Chat GPT like:

Generative art with code  >Versus<  AI – Generative art:

FX (Hash)   Versus (Emergent Properties – howto)

Digital Fille ➳ Canevas (AI + Robots & Plotters): Artmatr

AI artist Group: MAIF

APREM _ Novembre 2023 : Liens vers outils AI

Texte image:

Midjourney (via Discord) :


Free cloud app that runs Stable Diffusion:

local  ou web:

+rapide: Segmit stable dif(6à%faster and smaller)

Via google notebook de deforum

DALL-E 2 : 

Nightcafe: (+animation)a few free:

Fait “Un peux de tout”:

RUNWAY (edditing, green screen, generative, …):

Adobe (Photoshop ou Firefly pour uniquement AI tools, ou …) 

 Texte vidéo

Deforum Stable Diffusion notebook ou via automatic1111

              Explications Deforum / Discord Deforum

PIKA (Via Discord):

Image ➳ simili 3D  : LeiaPix:

Image ➳ avatar (video+parole):

Texte ➳ parole:

Générateur de musique: Aiva

Base de donnée / aide

Prompts+images associées : Lexica:

Upscalers Video & Image:

Amélioration de Prompt


? Bard de google ?

AI Editing tool / montage video AI + AI tools:


Animation a partir de l’audio: adobe express – test ici

Animation de dessin d’enfants:

Interactivité Vidéo+audio

Isadora / Max msp / (payant) 

Pure Data (Open source)

Liste des liens en Google.doc

Ajout post APrem:



Prompt notes:

Midjourney main modifiers:

  •  -aspect (alternatively -ar): sets aspect ratios of the image (16:9  1:1 4:3)
  • /Blend : blend image together
  • -no: parameters for elements to be removed from the image
  •  /image prompt: (image URL) (text description): Image is created according to the linked image and based on the text
  • /describe: Upload image, use prompt, and the tool creates appropriate prompt proposal with sometimes quite complex parameters
  • ::X: sets weight of components of image (X determines weighting)
  • -stylize: lower value to evaluate prompt more strictly, higher value for freer interpretation of your prompt
  • /show: recalls older prompts
  • –hd : Highmi Definition: For abstract and landscape images, the –hd parameter activates an early model version that yields larger, less consistent images

Consistency help:

  • -sameseed: The –sameseed parameter ensures that all images in the initial grid use the same starting noise, creating very similar generated images.
  • –seed : This parameter determines the starting visual noise, acting as a baseline for the generated image. Using the same seed number with the same prompt will give similar outputs. It accepts integer values between 0–4294967295.

Starting the prompts with the same Initial image helps

PIKA (on discord) – text to video & image to video

/create prompt: a robot is walking in the forest, sunset -ar 16:9 -motion 2

Invitation Serveur APREM-Midjourney :